Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms at Home

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Nowadays people are growing psilocybin mushrooms in their home, as it is safer and more reliable. People most of the time can’t identify the right kind of magic mushrooms. To get that, you can buy psilocybin Canada or can mail order magic mushrooms Canada. If you don’t know how to grow psilocybin mushrooms at home, then I think this article with help you to learn. The appearance of magic mushrooms is very attractive and mesmerizing. Be careful about the poisonous ones, because one can easily get wrong by the poisonous mushrooms.

To know about the complete procedure to grow psilocybin or magic mushrooms at home, please read every step carefully so that you don’t miss any important point.

  1. Prepare a jar or a container

It is best to grow magic mushrooms in a container, because there can be several competitors of them which may inhibit their growth. After preparing the container, make some holes down the container to supply air and to remove excess moisture.

  1. Make the substrate ready

Soils with vermiculite clay can work in the best way. Fill the container 2/3 cup of vermiculite and add ¼ cup water and mix them well. Drain the excess water. Now add ¼ cup of brown rice flour into the container.

  1. Fill the entire container

Now, fill whole container with these things, but don’t pack it too tight. To sterilize the medium, add some rubbing alcohol, because it will destroy the other fungus. If you don’t have access to the rubbing alcohol, you can use the steam to sterilize the substrate. Also, you can use the pressure cooker to sterilize your medium.

  1. Inject the spores

In this step, use a needle to insert the spores in the substrate. It is better to insert spores through needle because by this way, the medium won’t get contaminated. You can buy fresh spores from magic mushrooms Canada. However, before inserting the spores, don’t forget to sterilize the needle with alcohol.

  1. Colonization

After inserting the spores, wait for the colony and mycelium to appear. During this period, avoid the direct sunlight and maintain the temperature around 70 to 80-degree Fahrenheit. If everything goes fine, the mycelium will appear within 14 days.

  1. Fruiting

You will notice several white small cakes when there is a full colonization. Now, add more dry vermiculite and moist them to maintain the optimum moisture level. Don’t forget to maintain the air flow also.

  1. Harvest

When your mushrooms are ready, cut the mushrooms closer from the cake. Don’t make it too late, because the mushrooms lose their potentiality with their age. Try to harvest the mushrooms before their veil gets broken. At this period, they will have a conical shape cap and covered gills.

After harvesting your mushrooms, don’t forget to store them. Remember, there is a guideline to use magic mushrooms. Too much magic mushrooms can have a serious effect on your mental health. There are several articles on the google which will tell you the right way to use and eat magic mushrooms.

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